Stump Grinding & Removal
Grinding is the most common and effective way to remove unsightly stumps from your yard. Using this method, we can grind the stump up to 12" beneath the surface, fill the resulting hole, and leave your lawn clean.

The team at BigTrees uses a top of the line stump grinder to complete the job quickly, safely and effectively. We can handle stumps of all shapes and sizes, and our equipment can fit through a standard 36" backyard gate.

The cost of an average tree stump removal is between $75 and $250 depending on the location, size and depth. There is an additional cost to dispose of the woodchips (optional).
Our Method
The stump is assessed, measured, and the appropriate grinding depth is determined. Often times an application to dig (called a Locate) is required before a depth of more than 4" can be attempted. If we hit gas lines or power lines while digging it may kill us. And if we hit the cable lines, you won't have tv! If necessary, we will handle the Locate application process free of charge.
With multiple passes, the stump is slowly ground into mulch until the desired depth is reached, and all surface roots are gone.
The resulting hole is filled using the created mulch. This can be left as-is, or replaced with topsoil for an additional cost.
Getting an estimate for a stump removal job couldn't be simpler! All we need is a few details about the stumps and your site, and we'll have your estimate ready in minutes!
How many stumps need to be removed?
For estimates of 4 or more, please Contact Us